100 Tiny Thoughts of Goethe

100 Tiny Thoughts of Goethe (1749-1832)

100 Small Thoughts from Goethe

1. In love all is risk.
2. The world is a prison.
3. Wisdom is only in truth.
4. ’Tis life itself to love.
5. Joy shared is joy doubled.
6. Draw thyself from thyself.
7. Here or nowhere is America.
8. Stupidity is without anxiety.
9. The little man is still a man.
10. What’s fitting, that is right.
11. Nothing is endless but inanity.
12. All battle is misunderstanding.
13. A word sooner wounds than heals.
14. I do not need philosophy at all.
15. The world remains ever the same.
16. To live long is to outlive much.
17. Glänzendes Elend—Shining misery.
18. A useless life is an early death.
19. Mastery passes often for egotism.
20. Originality provokes originality.
21. Gedenke zu leben—Think of living.
22. Lovers are as punctual as the sun.
23. Method will teach you to win time.
24. Nature alone knows what she means.
25. Thou art in the end what thou art.
26. Joy must have sorrow; sorrow, joy.
27. We are too good for pure instinct.
28. All is influence except ourselves.
29. Nothing is true but what is simple.
30. Law is powerful, necessity more so.
31. By seeking and blundering we learn.
32. See, what is good lies by thy side.
33. Who trusts in God fears not his rod.
34. Glück macht Mut—Luck inspires pluck.
35. What I cannot praise I speak not of.
36. Religion is not an end, but a means.
37. Within us all a universe doth dwell.
38. The mind must not yield to the body.
39. A man hears only what he understands.
40. All faults are properly shortcomings.
41. What we do not use is a heavy burden.
42. If I love thee, what is that to thee?
43. For an orator delivery is everything.
44. The history of a man is his character.
45. Earnestness alone makes life eternity.
46. Love can do much, but duty still more.
47. Christianity is the worship of sorrow.
48. The unconscious is the alone complete.
49. To sow is not so difficult as to reap.
50. Wer darf ihn nennen?—Who dare name Him?
51. Nature is always lavish, even prodigal.
52. Common-sense is the genius of humanity.
53. Duty is the demand of the passing hour.
54. Dauer un Wechsel—Persistence in change.
55. The present moment is a potent divinity.
56. Only regard for law can give us freedom.
57. Art is the mediatrix of the unspeakable.
58. The gods are wont to save by human means.
59. Experience is the only genuine knowledge.
60. No smaller spirit can vanquish a greater.
61. Hold the living dear and honour the dead.
62. The best is not to be explained by words.
63. To the capable man this world is not dumb.
64. Who firmly can resolve, he conquers grief.
65. Nature in women is so nearly allied to art.
66. Great joy is only earned by great exertion.
67. A purpose you impart is no longer your own.
68. Beauty is everywhere a right welcome guest.
69. ’Tis life reveals to each his genuine worth.
70. One cannot speak the truth with false words.
71. Self-knowledge comes from knowing other men.
72. Sorrows are often evolved from good fortune.
73. Personality is everything in art and poetry.
74. There is no vague general capability in men.
75. Do thine own task, and be therewith content.
76. In old age nothing any longer astonishes us.
77. No wise combatant underrates his antagonist.
78. Enjoy when you can, and endure when you must.
79. Nature is the living, visible garment of God.
80. When one is young, one is nothing completely.
81. Level roads run out from music to every side.
82. The great thing, after all, is only Forwards.
83. It is not given to the world to be contented.
84. He raises not himself up whom God casts down.
85. No one has ever learned fully to know himself.
86. It is given us to live only once in the world.
87. A great scholar is seldom a great philosopher.
88. The Classical is healthy, the Romantic sickly.
89. What is nearest is often unattainably far off.
90. In the dusk the plainest writing is illegible.
91. It is not good to meddle with divine mysteries.
92. To appear well-bred, a man must actually be so.
93. Nothing is so atrocious as fancy without taste.
94. One must be something in order to do something.
95. Every species of activity is met by a negation.
96. Fate is a distinguished but an expensive tutor.
97. Our works are presentiments of our capabilities.
98. Man never comprehends how anthropomorphic he is.
99. It is doubt (Zweifel) which turns good into bad.
100. Kühl bis an’s Herz hinan—Cool to the very heart.

Compiled by Kevin Woolsey, http://passiontolearn.com/

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